“Il Senso della Tour · Il Band” (2015) is the book of Marco Bazzi that inspires the creation of the documentary.Live music is the cornerstone of a music group, a place where materialize the work of years and find complicity with the public. This book reveals the naked truth about the profession, three groups -veterans to beginners- deal with the organization of their tour and face planning, budgets, contact with the venues, the negotiation of agreements and a series of unexpected things that can turn into a nightmare.

Marco Bazzi reported statements from all participants involved to describe key aspects of the tour with the aim of bringing a personal experiential guide and a professional growth that brings light to the world of the road.


“Il Senso della Band” (2013)  What turns a band in a successful band? What makes it magical, unique, inimitable style, the one for which two notes are enough to make it recognizable? “IL SENSO DELLA BAND” answers these questions and is dedicated to musicians of all levels, who play or aspire to play in a band and want to turn their passion for music into a reason to live or a job. There is room for all kinds of music: rock, funk, blues, pop and reggae. Style, timing, groove, language, communication, interplay.

The book goes beyond the instrumental technique and the artistic talent to explain how you create the chemistry that makes it special to play in bands. Do not miss the DVD, showing how you can take concrete action on the dynamics of a band. Recorded entirely live, involving 14 musicians from different parts of the world: Eric McFadden, Danny Lippitt, Sun Sooley, Marc Curcio, Paula O’Rourke, Max Gelsi, Pedro Misle, Carmine Ruggiero (KA), Andrea Giops, Daniele Ferrari, Riccardo Di Paola, Roberto Broggi, Mary Jane Macchia and Marco Bazzi.