After a brush with death, a Geologist seeks meaning for his life. Due to a chance encounter with the Bible, he realizes that the earthquake reported by the Gospel of Matthew in the moments after Jesus’ death can be studied scientifically. Along the way, he must overcome skepticism, media sensationalism, academic apathy, and personal challenges to achieve his goal to understand if the timing of physical events on the day of the crucifixion – darkness, an earthquake, and a lunar eclipse – happened as reported …. or not. Interviews with the leading Scientists and New Testament Scholars provide background for a fascinating take on the most influential story in human history.





A film about Regina Lund Regina Lund is a Swedish award winning film, tv and theatre actress and performing and recording Grammy nominated singer/songwriter.


The Tour is not about the money, nor is it about crowded music venues and parties full of drugs and rock n roll. It is a documentary about the adventures of a rock band going on tour abroad for the first time. This, in addition to the concerns inherent to any tour, opens a debate about the paradigm shift in the relationships between venue, promoter, record label, and the band. An ever-evolving dynamic that gives way to a new model of management where the passion for live music is the only thing that matters in the end. Experiences from the trip are enough to help anyone understand the importance of band commitment, on and off stage, the need to do something that you really believe in, and above all, the difficulty of searching for your own voice as an essential aspect of any artistic expression.

Based on the book “Il senso della band. Il Tour” by Marco Bazzi
DIRECTOR: Gianluca Mingotto
PRODUCERS: Marco Bazzi, Gianluca Mingotto
BAND: The Last 3 Lines
WRITTEN BY: Marco Bazzi


Eric McFadden (Eric Burdon and The Animals, Geroge
Clinton), Maus (Lacuna Coil), Pau Wolinski (65daysofstatic),
Tula (Play for Change), Leslie Helpert, Maarten Swaan
(Melou), Tommy Massara (Extrema), Pino Scotto (Pulsar),
Tori Sparks…
LANGUAGES: english, spanish, italian.
DURATION: 58 min
YEAR: 2015


Barcelona, Milano, Roma, Verona, Domodossola