This New World is an original web-series of 6 episodes, about 12 minutes each, analyses the different reactions of the characters to their own psychological/emotional issues, amplified by modern mass-communication technology. Through the rawest and most violent emotions and the most extreme fantasies of the leading character and his interlocutor, contemporary audience will find much food for thoughts about themselves, about their own obssesions, their compulsions and aggressions.


THIS NEW WORLD received 18 NOMINATIONS in festivals around the world and 4 AWARDS.

“Locked in a room, angry and confused, no longer sure what is real and what is not, Dave is a man facing his own demons through the eyes and the words of his interlocutor. He believes in the existence of two different worlds. This New World, as he calls it, is the virtual place where everybody can create a double: a projection of their own inner desires and obsessions.

Patrick, Dave`s best friend, tries to help him during the healing process, although he himself is facing a hard time with his wife. Sara and Lukas represent Dave’s love and hate, bringing him close to self destruction. Strangled by an “addiction” to technology, he wants to challenge the evil side that has conquered him. The drama connects and disconnects all the characters at the same time; violence leads the way to introspective analysis: sometimes knowledge directs us to what is right and sometimes guides us towards what is wrong. Nothing is certain, much less so when reality is split into equally truthful alternatives… we can’t decide which one is the best. Killing is sometimes the only way to survive, but that does not necessarily mean causing somebody to stop breathing. Dealing with CONTROL and COMPULSIONS, Dave pursues his personal journey… aiming at reaching his individual authenticity.”